So much drama in blog land! I first read a little something somewhere random and brushed it off, as it was vague and I didn't know what it was.

A.S.S. Just put it AAALLLL out there and I now know what the buzz is about.

WOW! Is ALL I have to say!

I guess I knew something like that could happen.. I made up lies on the Internet and pretended to be things I wasn't when I was like.. 12. So.. I know it happens. I've know people that have done it... when I was like, 12.


I'm real. Just for the record. I'm really a girl, with a son, and a husband in the army. I'm really young, AND into spanking. I really DO get spanked. I really HAVE had a disciplinarian (two, for the record).

I don't make anything up, at all. I'm very honest and real. Sometimes people think I'm lying but that is exactly why I DON'T lie. I have no reason to. My life is very interesting and has always been very, VERY, interesting.. and I guess.. out of the box. I've always had some sort of movie type thing going on where it just seems unbelievable.

Well.. BELIEVE it folks. I'm real.

I promise.

Scouts honor.


  1. I can vouch for this. you forgot to admit how lame you are though ;)

    ps look at this!!:


    we're pretty AMAZING!

  2. No.. I just wanted to clarify. Haha.

    I've had people doubt me before, but, not in this case.


  3. Join the doubt club.

    People often think I'm there along with the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus in the realm of fantasy. Few male escorts, people reason, even know how to write. Especially not ones that are hardly over 20.

    But I am real. And young people like ourselves can write.