Prayers and thoughts;

J is in the hospital. =(

I went and saw her yesterday, and today. She's admitted and I guess she will be for a while.

J is my best friend. She's amazing and wonderful even when she doesn't all the way know it. I'd do most anything with and for her, and it hurts my heart to see her hurting and being stuck in a hospital room.

I know she's not in much pain because they're keeping her pretty drugged, but it's still just.. so shitty. I feel so bad for her and I wish I could just be there with her every second of the day.

Those who are reading this, if you could, keep her in your prayers and thoughts. She has been having recurring pancreatitis, and they can't figure out why. She doesn't fit any of the reasons and it's a big mystery to everyone.

So please, keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I would greatly appreciate it.


I had to go to the place where I got my lip pierced and get it taken out. The skin inside my lip grew completely over the back of the ring. He had to stab and poke and prod and push and pull to get it out. There was a lot of blood, and it was really painful.

I think I'll go get it redone when it heals.

Hey... it's free.


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  1. I am soo sorry about your friend...I will definitely pray. How did I miss that you got your lip pierced?