So.. it's official, I guess. Scott leaves for Afghanistan in May. I don't know how long he'll be gone. I think they are usually gone for around 14-16 months, with a 30 day R&R opportunity after being deployed for six months. I know it's four months away, so I should be grateful for the time I DO have with him. I really am grateful, and I wouldn't want anyone to ever think that I wasn't. But.. I can't help but be sad. I'm trying to have faith, and I'm trying to stay positive.. but right about now I think I'd like some statistic comfort food that tells me what to expect. I feel hopeless. I'm not sure how this is going to turn out, or even how it usually turns out. It scares me. I'd like to know how often an army infantry soldier dies over there. I'd like to know what the chances are of him just losing a leg versus him dying.. or coming home safe and without a scratch.

I just want to know what to expect, I guess. I don't know whether to prepare for the worse or just stick to hoping for the best. I'm just not sure how to cope, and I don't think I will ever know.

Maybe It's about time I started seeing someone for things like this.


  1. Baby doll......expect the best.....be prepared for the worst....and pray. That's all you can do. I ♥ you.

  2. Chances of him getting killed are very small - about one in a 600. Chances of him being severely injured are one in 400.

    So, chances are he will be fine and come home to you without a scratch.

  3. Thanks. That makes me feel a bajillion times better.