Still don't give a fuck;

So.. I'm going to take a moment to complain about life and all of the horribly tragic things that are happening around me, but not necessarily to me.

First things first. Those of you who know things about me know that my Grandpa died in November. He had virtually nothing, yet my aunt and uncle feel the need to fight venomously over the nothing that he had with my mother. Oh yes, drama drama drama. My uncle has called as many as six times in one night and left six nasty messages. He's told my mom he's coming with two barrels loaded, that whatever it was she did was another nail in her coffin, and all kinds of other nasty things. My aunt has accused my mom of everything you can imagine, and called her all of the nastiest things you could imagine.

Just a little background: My mom has been living with my grandparents since my Grandmother got sick with cancer. She made enough to live on her own, it wasn't that she needed to live with them. She wanted to be here for them to help take care of Grandma when she became immobile. She took them to doctor appointments, fed them their meals, and did everything else you could imagine an elderly person needs.

Then Grandma died in January of 07. She was Grandpa's heart and soul. They met when they were young, got married, had seven kids, buried kids together, and just lived a lifetime full of life together. They were married about 55 years.

Like I said, she was Grandpa's heart and soul. He was just waiting from that day forward to kick the bucket. He had a little calendar taped to his desk where he highlighted the day of her death, and crossed off every day after that.

He literally sat in his room and would have wallowed in his own filth and shit and starved himself to death had it not been for my mom and her husband. They took care of him, took him to the doctor, fed him, took him out to gamble when he wanted (it was the only thing he enjoyed).

No one else helped. No one came to see him. Everyone hated him.

Then he died, and now they're mad because he left most everything to my mom.

So... we have to take the license plate off of the car every night because they have threatened to come take it. We lock the house up completely when we leave. We don't answer the phone because there is no caller I.D.

We do everything in our power to keep everything we have here, safe.. including ourselves.


My cousin.. he married this crazy broad about 8 years ago. I didn't know she was crazy, I was 11. When I was 13, her and I became close friends. She was 21 and I was 13. BFF!

Anyways... She has since then become addicted to popping pills ("It's not drugs because it's pills! And doctors prescribe them to people!"), and has been cheating on her husband (my cousin) for the past four or five months. My bad!

He went over there about two days ago with his mom, his sister, and two dudes to take the kids from the house. (Yes, there are two children involved! One is his blood child, the other is HER blood child that he adopted! And he has autism.) He rescued them from her craziness, and after they left she beat the living shit out of herself and called the cops.. claiming she had been beaten to a bloody pulp and her children were kidnapped.

He has been talking to me ever since. I feel like he's leaning on me or something. I stopped talking to her in that goody goody friendly way when she became one of those housewives.

She's a self absorbed, unappreciative, crazy person. She's a bitch. Let's just leave it at that, and I'm really glad he got the kids out of that situation. They were being seriously neglected. They pretty much never saw the light of day.


My step brother moved in not too long ago. I like him a lot. He's nice, has a good heart, and him and I have great conversations. We like the same kinds of movies, and living with him hasn't been anywhere near uncomfortable.

Until last night...

He moved his girlfriend in (cunt), and their two kids. The older one (1 1/2) likes to use my sweet little Walter as a punching bag, the other one has his belly button so herniated (from crying so much) that it looks like another penis.

I hate her. I hate her. I HATE her. I have almost never hated someone this much. She is a lazy, immature, piece of shit, disgusting person. She lives off of the system (welfare) and is bringing him down. Her little four month old baby SCREAMS sometimes, and I'll hold him on my lap on his tummy and pat his little back and she tells me 'Oh don't do that, you'll spoil him.'

She stopped nursing the first kid because he was getting 'too attached' to her.

WTF kind of views are these? When they cry, ignore them because you'll spoil them.

SORRY BITCH, but if you have a problem with me 'spoiling' my 11 month old baby with LOVE, then go eat a fat dick. They are ONLY little ONCE!

Ahhh. I hate her, and she thinks we're friends. She bugs me for EVERYTHING. She's SO dumb.


It's okay... I lock her ass out every night. I'm pretty sure she'll get the hint when she wants to ask me where the sink is and the door is locked and I ignore her irritating knocks at the door.

Anyone know how to make a bomb?

Oh yeah, and on top of all of this shit I don't care about.. I'm SICK. Head pounding, 80 year old man cough, and sore throat.

Just another thing to add the list of fucks.

Anyone want to spank the negativity out of me?


  1. When are u moving doll? You just need a fresh start! I love you.