When I was 17.. and I was a stoner.. my friend shoved a sharpee up my nose and jabbed a hot safety pin through it. That's how I got my nose pierced.

Well... I wanted a matching piercing on the other side.. so... in honor of my birthday.. I took my son to a tattoo parlor to watch his mother get her nose jabbed... again.

Anthony held him (hey, what else am I supposed to do with no babysitter? Haha) and I got the other side of my nose pierced.

God it is so amazing. The pain, the JESUS CHRIST that comes out of my mouth every time I get something pierced.

The everything. I love it. I LOVE IT.

I REALLY want to go get my tongue redone.

Like... right now.

I basically orgasmed on the spot the first time.

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