His confidence walked into the room before he did. I could sense his presence before he was even there. I immediately stood up and positioned myself so that the upper half of my body was lying comfortably across the bed. My feet were carefully planted on the floor, as far apart as I could force them.

He entered moments later.

"Mmmm," was all I heard.

His hands roamed across my clothed backside, and worked their way down in between my legs. He rubbed me over my clothes for a while as I moaned and writhed and moved my body to the non-existent rhythm that consumed my mind.

Suddenly an unexpected smack landed against my upturned ass, and I gasped.

I could sense his positioning had changed and that he was now directly behind me. He reinforced my prediction by slamming his hard cock into my groin. He started bumping and grinding me and showing me just how much he loved it by moaning and growling.

I felt his fingertips at the waistband of my rainbow heart pajama pants. I knew what was next.

He swiftly pulled them to my ankles and ordered me to kick them away. I heard the door to the toy closet open and became curious. My head foolishly turned to look, but I was immediately reprimanded with another hard smack to my, now, bare ass.

"Don't look," he said, calmly. The dominance in his voice rang throughout the room for what seemed like forever.

I quickly turned my head around and awaited my wonderful fate. I heard something swooshing through the air and figured it could only be one of two things. Before I could really contemplate it I felt the riding crop land, hard, on my left ass cheek. I unintentionally winced and opened my mouth the protest, but before the words could creep up my throat, through my voice box and out of my mouth another slap landed to the other cheek.

He alternated, quickly, and I wriggled and whined... secretly enjoying it. Well, it wasn't a secret. We both knew I was enjoying it, and that's why he didn't stop. He kept going. He stopped to sweetly work the crop down to my pussy lips and gently rub them, but only until I really started to enjoy it.

He went back to tenderizing my ass and I went back to 'secretly' enjoying it. I moaned, and whined, all at the same time.

I heard the crop fall to the floor and started to worry, and anticipate. I felt his hands on my ass.. rubbing and soothing the warm, red skin.

"So.. soft," he whispered.

As soon as he felt my body relax he forcefully pulled my ass cheeks apart.

"I love that asshole," he told me, right before he shoved his tongue into it.

I squealed. It was unexpected.

Whatever came next involved lube, probably a paddle or a strap, and his dick in my ass.

But I'm not sure yet.. at this point I came, turned my vibrator off and fell asleep.

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