I have a minivan! It's waiting for me in my new hometown!

I have a house, too! Yay for that! Haha.

Scott and I are ok. I ignored him for a little over a day and then we talked-ish. I don't like talking about things that piss me off, especially with him.

If I'm pissed for a day or two and then I get over it, it means I'm over it.. and I don't want to talk about it to bring it back up.

Besides, with him.. there's no talking. The more I talk the less he listens and goes back to that manipulating thing.

He's really guarded and scared and I know that. Even though we are married and we love each other... I still think sometimes he is too afraid to just be real and raw. I don't think he manipulates me to necessarily get what he wants, I think he is just too afraid to open up.. especially at a time when I'm mad and he's vulnerable.

I don't know.


I had a true Vegas experience with J. We went to the top of the world (top of the Stratosphere) and gazed at the world together. Then we ate at their fancy revolving restaurant and gazed at the world some more. We didn't have reservations, but surprisingly they accepted our walk-in. (I guess we looked amazing enough or something.)

They gave us craw dad's and called it something fancy, like linguine or some shit. They gave us the WHOLE thing just for a piece of meat the size of a quarter. I hate sea food, but I opted to try it. J, on the other hand, decided not to.. I almost had her convinced to, but when I grabbed her 'craw dad' (with my napkin, I didn't want to touch it. It was staring at me.) and tried to bring it to my plate to scrape the meat out for her.. it kind of flew out of my hand and landed, loudly, on the table.

All it's juices and everything were all over the nice table cloth. And there it was... still staring at us.

Luckily there wasn't anybody TOO close to us, but whoever was in ear shot definitely heard me laugh until.. well.. I snorted. Loudly.

Hahah. It was great.

We had the three course meal for two, and it was the most expensive meal I've ever eaten in my life. OH MY GOD, it was totally worth it.

I recommend it to EVERYONE.

Well.. then as we were walking back down.. we stopped at the oxygen bar to try that. We ARE locals and have NEVER experienced this. It was strange... really strange. But it was interesting, and I'm glad I tried it.

After that we went to a hookah lounge and met up with J's friend. We smoked hookah until we were over it, and then attempted to catch a movie. No such luck, as they lie when they say this is a 24 hour city. I dropped her friend off at his car and her and I headed on our merry way.

We finished our night off at Ihop. Our taste had been corrupted by the fanciness of the other meal, and being spoiled by having our chair pulled out for us and our napkins placed ever so gently on our laps.

Then we go to Ihop and the waiter comes over every five seconds to say 'how are you guys doing?' LITERALLY, every five seconds.

I realized after a while that it was PROBABLY because I had cleavage for miles, and he was just being a pervert. After I covered my chest, he never came back. Haha.

Anyways.. I took her home, went home myself, and called it a night. It was amazing.

Hey.. guess what?

I turn 20 in FIVE days.

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