Just for the sake of talking about it..

The spanking and discipline part of my life and our marriage has really been on the up. He is so great. He has been reading all my cues PERFECTLY and every time I need a spanking he acknowledges it.. whether he actually spanks me, or not.

We sat down with rules and he had me write them down. They mostly involve respect and me having it for myself and for him and for our family. He wants me to continue my attempt to become more lady like, also.

Now when I say 'lady like' I don't getting my nails and hurrr did all the time. (ha ha ha) He just means not going out in big lion slippers, pajama pants, and a big fuzzy robe all accompanied by bed head. (yeah, I used to do that.) And kind of watching my mouth.

Everything has been wonderful. We've had some minor ups and downs but what marriage doesn't? We are still in the process of getting to know one another and getting used to living with and around each other again, and it's been a lot of fun.

NOT being pregnant really messed with me but I think we are doing okay with that, too. I know one bunk time of not getting pregnant is nothing to worry about.. at all. But I have this secret hidden fear that eats away at me every single day about infertility... so I worry.

Every negative pregnancy test is a sigh of sadness, and not relief, even if it is an inconvenient time for me to be pregnant.

But.. back to the spanking!

We have just had a spanking good time lately. I'd say mostly everyday there has been some sort of spanking involved. His technique is really amazing, too. I love it. I love the way he spanks me. It's not sloppy anymore, at all. He spanks like a pro and I think it's all from watching one.. single.. video.

(He's a fast learner.)

It's been just... amazing.

I'm really satisfied and ready for this move. I'm nervous about what I'm leaving behind but... that is to be expected, I guess.

I see it as a big adventure and a journey and I'm really ready to just.. finally get our lives started. Together, as a family, we will do it.. and it will be great.

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