Today was the day. He got four shots. It was ridiculously sad. I tried to be tough, but it didn't really work out too well. The bitch doctor pressured me into giving him four shots instead of the two that I usually will allow him to have. Her whole attitude toward me changed the moment she looked at his shot record and realized he was 12 shots behind. I have already felt like shit about it, but obviously she felt the need to add to it.

I'm 19. I'm young. I went in there with my mother, and not the father of my child. He is behind on shots and hasn't seen a doctor since he was 2 months old. I can only imagine the opinions running through the minds of them. I'm trying to just inhale peace and exhale sorrow because I don't want to let the opinion of ONE stupid doctor get to me. There are tons of doctors out there and I can easily get another one. I can just 'doctor shop' until I find one that makes me feel comfortable.

This one sucked. I didn't like her at all. Even Walter didn't really care for her. The shot process was horrible. They put him on the little table and held him down and just stuck him really really quick four times. Two in each leg. The first one he screamed bloody murder and tightened his whole body up. They wouldn't even let me hold him. I told them to stop and to hold on but they didn't. They just kept going. It was so sad. I never want to do it again but I have to. Every month.. until he's caught up and completely done.

I guess I just have to take what my mom keeps telling me and try my best to remember it always.

"Sometimes you've gotta dish out some bad in order to get good. It's not always easy, but it's simple."
-My mom

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