If Looks could really kill; then my profession would be staring

I have a question.. mostly for, but not limited to, the men.

Now.. we all know that women get bored. (I don't mean to be stereotyping or categorizing someone that doesn't fit in this category but matches the criteria. I'm just saying in general, not individually.) If we have a man running around, kissing our ass, and just.. forever babying us, giving us what we want, and answering to our every single need at the drop of a hat.. we are most likely going to get.. bored, right? We're going to want someone else. Someone masculine and that stands up for himself. Someone robust and manly. Someone that, while at the same time loves us, knows what HE wants, too.


Now.. if a WOMAN acts like that towards a man. Does he get bored?

I wonder because I would love to be that wife that drops to her knees at any given second to take my husbands cock in my mouth.. at his request. However, in the past I have always refrained from things like this because I don't know if it will drive him away. Am I supposed to fight it? Am I supposed to pretend that that's not what I want? Am I supposed to be cheeky, and sarcastic, and rude and deny him that? And just 'do it when I feel like it'?

I'm just wondering.. I'm not sure how that works, but I have always wanted to know.