Statistically speaking..

Last night in the middle of my slumber.. I received a text message from ~*J*~.

It read as follows:

"Did you know 19% of people worldwide and 41% of people in the US like to be spanked? Men AND women :)"

Now, as interesting and nice as this may be.. I have trouble wholeheartedly believing it. How do people come up with these stats? I've never been asked 'do you like being spanked?', so how can I consider myself part of that percentage? Do they just make this shit up?

How do you do that? You ask 100 people if they like to be spanked, half of the ones that do will probably say no for the sake of discretion, and the other half answer honestly.. and that's how you tell? What if you got a bad batch of 100 people? What if you go to a community where all 100 people say yes? Then what? Will you say 100% of people like to be spanked?

So, my friends, I've decided that statistics are comfort food fed to us by the media. Fuck the media.

And fuck their brain washing.

Statistics can suck a fat dick.

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