There's a new channel on the music channels called 'Toddler Tunes'.

And being the wonderful mother that I am..

we listen to it.

A lot.

My brain is rotting.

If I hear the Hokey Pokey (in any of its various forms) one more time, I might just keel over and die.

I'd change the station, but it's just so cute how Walter wobbles back and forth with a cheesy grin on his face.. in his strange attempt at dancing.


Speaking of Walter.. here's some pictures I've taken of him in the past few days:


  1. UGH, I just want to eat him. EAT HIM!

  2. haha. Yeah, he is pretty edible looking.

  3. He's adorable! Kids are the reason that if nobody had invented digital cameras, God would have had to create them.

  4. I *hate* Disney music now. Hate it, I say. The only thing to do is make yourself a playground of relatively acceptable grown-up music and play it on an ipod or something. That, or buy earbuds. Seriously.


  5. Haha.. I could NEVER hate disney music! I'm a kid at heart, so it's okay.. I can get into the froggy hop and the 'don't make me sing along, ohhhhhhhhhh don't make me sing along' songs. Haha.

    We listen to mom music, too.

    It's a pretty even balance.