Parents as Teachers is this program where a trained educator comes to your house and goes over the things your child should be doing, activity wise. She gives you new things to do together and tells you how wonderful you're doing at this whole mom thing.

It's amazing. And it's FREE!

I feel so blessed.. I know a lot of people didn't have this sort of thing when their kids were little.

It's just great. She came over today for an hour, played with Walter and we talked about different things and she answered questions I had.

It was exciting.

She's also the first new person to come into my house.. almost since we've moved here! The company was amazing.

I never realized how lonely I am.

(Picture dump)


  1. Oh man, he's so danged adorable! My kids were able to do something similar YEARS ago, but we had to go to a school to do it, but I loved it and have never forgotten what we learned. How are you feeling these days? Nausea gone yet? Cleo

  2. The nausea comes and goes, but I'm definitely feeling better than I was a few weeks ago. Thanks.