It takes me hours (literally) to fall asleep.

I can't eat, as I have absolutely no appetite and everytime I put something to my mouth I feel like I'm going to die.

Whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaat do I dooooooo?!!!!

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  1. I've had numerous pregnancies and for the sleep (which is ALWAYS a problem for me), you MUST lay down still for a bit no matter what. Sleep is as important as food and water, it's when your cells regenerate. Food is tougher. Can you stomach a strawberry banana shake? Chocolate and banana? If so, use real fruit and at least get some vitamins and energy inside you. Perhaps it can generate hunger. It's hard when you do not feel good, but yes, you know you are eating for two, LOL. I am so very happy for you. Also you can try safely (but check with your doctor first) ginger for your tummy, there is even some that you can eat almost like candy (not sure if it's any good for your teeth, though). And there is another one, I think it starts with an "m" or a "p," but I cannot remember, I'll come back when I figure it out. It did not work for me, personally, however, I've heard nothing but good from the majority of people (when I worked in nutrition). Hang in there! Cleo