I haven't really considered the fact that Scott is most likely going to Afghanistan in less than a month. Maybe a little more than a month, it's not set in stone yet.

Today there was this weird helicopter thing flying over me. It looked like a big metal box, indestructible, and it had two of those propeller things on top instead of just one. It flew slowly, but it was ridiculously loud. It made my heart sink into my stomach.

I was wondering if there were men on the plane, or just cargo. I was thinking about all of the wives who's husbands could be on it.. and then I realized that one day that wife would be me. One day soon.

I'm so scared, and nervous. I can't even come to terms with it and act like every moment with him could be the last, even though I should.

It's so hard to cope with, and comprehend. Millions of people do it everyday, and I know I can, too.

However, it's figuring out just how to do it that I'm worried about.

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  1. I cannot make you feel better and there are no words of wisdom to make it easier or less scary. However, I am here with you and in the same boat, though my honey is in Iraq. My ex-best friend has been in Afghanistan about six months now. HUGS