I had a WIC appointment today. We meet the criteria and then some, and Walter drinks A LOT of milk.. so we thought, 'what the hell?'

Holy crap was it stressful! It started off fine. I made Scott his lunch and planned to take it to him on my way off of post to our (mine and Walter's) appointment. I put my face on. I map quested directions. Begin the stress. I don't recognize any of the names of any of these streets so I'm freaking out. Nothing makes sense. I call Scott.

He starts stressing. I'm getting mad because he's SO stressed about everything. Which just doubles the stress levels.

Now it's noon and I'm going nuts. I wanted to be out of the house by noon! So I rush to get Walter up and dressed and such.

Then we FINALLY get going. It takes me A MILLION years to get to Scott. Then I end up making a wrong turn and ending up in a one way parking lot on a one way street going the opposite direction of where I need to be heading.

Scott meets me there and we switch, he drives.

On the drive we get lost a little. So I'm freaking out. It's 12:51 and my appointment is at 1. This supposed 7 minute drive takes us 20 minutes or more.

We FINALLY get there.. at 12:56. JUST IN TIME.


I am SO glad it's over.

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