Our Trip Part 2.


Vegas. Hah.

The horse at Bonnie Springs. If you're ever in Southern Nevada, check it out.

That's my dad.

As you can see.. the sun is about to be down. He's pouting because we're like thirty miles from the grand canyon, and he's realizing we're not going to make it. Haha. So sad.

The end.


  1. I like how you can see Charley taking a shit in this one: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_8pO-CU_L_fg/SdeWd_sIjoI/AAAAAAAAASA/6xAV73Q9BqI/s1600-h/167.JPG

    You guys brought him here?? I never saw him.

  2. hahahahaha.. I didn't even notice that shit!

    and yeah.. we brought him. We couldn't leave him here for a week!!

    We stored him at my dad's for the week! Haha. I almost conveniently forgot him. ;)