I'm okay, really. I'm just.. blah. This baby is really sucking the life out of me and it takes a lot just to get out of bed in the morning. There are two ways to look at everything, and lately I've been a real negative Nancy. I'm just sad and bored and lonely and can't find the motivation to do anything. I want my house to be clean, and it is slowly SLOWLY getting there.. but I feel like there should be more, like I should do more. Scott is on and off work, so a lot of days he's home (because he messed up his shoulder), and I've been practically begging him for two weeks to just help me get back into the groove. I need him to do this with me because I need to see it done, and I need to participate. I just need to get back into my old routine and I need to get on a schedule.

I can't do this, though, if he is just going to plant his ass in front of the T.V. I am just as distracted as he is, and he is just as lazy as I am.

We are the worst couple ever. We don't compliment each other at all, especially in this area.

I'm just screwed, and so are my children.

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