There was some spanking going on in our bedroom late last night, and it was loud.. and I was sort of loud in reaction to it.

About five-ten minutes after it was finished we heard sirens.. they got so close the flashing lights were reflecting off of our bedroom wall!

I casually mentioned to Scott that perhaps the spanking was a bit too loud?

He brushed it off. Why would they send an ambulance along with the cop car? (he said).

So.. I brushed it off, too.

Next thing you know.. he's jumping out of bed.."now you've got me worried," as he ran all over the house looking through the windows.



What do you DO if they come to your door in the middle of the night..... *Knock* *Knock* *Knock* "Uhh.. someone called in a complaint claiming that there is a domestic disturbance in this home..... where is your wife?"

"She's laying in bed, naked, with a sore bottom."



  1. I always have a slight fear that neighbors will hear some spanking activity going on and make a phone call....

    I would just hope that they buy the whole kinky foreplay answer without a drawn out discussion...

  2. Amy, YOU answer the door. Sure, wear your robe. When they ask if you're okay, smile and say you're all right. They're not going to see your bottom, in any event, and you won't have bruises on your face, arms, or other visible places, right?

    "Domestic disturbance? Um, well, maybe we had the stereo up too loud for a few minutes? But, you know, Scott's got this thing about Walter waking up and hearing, so he likes the music loud while we f*#@."

    And, um, next time? Bite a pillow. Or your panties. Or his pant legs. lol. As for the spanking noise itself, Chris tells me hairbrushes aren't as loud, though they are abnormally painful. Also, (well-aimed) belts, if you're into that.