Spanking and pregnancy.

A lot of people choose to stop spanking when they're pregnant, some are apprehensive, and others don't want to stop.. but their significant other's do.

Personally, I am still very well spanked. I never really type much here about it, although once in a while I do. But it's a very real thing in my life. I don't like putting my emotions and my heart out there to display for people who might only just get off on it. I talk to people personally about it, and I answer any and every question thrown at me.

However I just don't feel comfortable writing every time I get spanked.

Scott and I do have a DD relationship, and have for almost two years now. It's a wonderful thing. I don't top from the bottom (anymore), and I (almost) always accept my fate. He decides when, how, with what, and what for.. and I simply oblige.

We don't really 'play', however we have been known a time or two to use it more as foreplay. We don't confuse discipline with sex, and sex rarely happens after a serious discipline session.

I'm around 11 weeks pregnant, and don't plan to stop being spanked. If he deploys I'm not going to find a disciplinarian (like when he was in basic training), I guess I just don't feel comfortable having another man doing that while I'm carrying Scott's child. Weird, I know.

But that's okay. With Walter, I was spanked until I was 9 months pregnant! He doesn't beat the crap out of me, and we both make sure he doesn't hit too high.

As long as he keeps the swats to the bottom of my bottom, and my upper thighs (yikes), we both feel safe.

Well, that's all I have to say.. for now.

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