I'm seeking advice, so pleeassee share your thoughts with me on this one, ALL OF YOU!!

I'm seeing my psychologist for the first time tomorrow. It's been a long time since I've seen one of these and I can hardly even remember how it goes. I know it's a lot of poking and prodding and trying to figure my brain out, and then help my brain be a better brain. Or something like that.

The one thing that I'm mostly nervous about (aside from spilling my inner most secret guts to a stranger), is telling him about my domestic discipline lifestyle that I share with my husband. It's not like a problem or anything, but it's just a big part of our lives. I know I don't blog too much about it here, unlike many many other people, but it really is a part of my every day life. I'm spanked a few times a week, well.. that depends on the week I guess. Sometimes I go weeks without it! But what I'm saying is, it COULD happen on any given day.

I'm just confused, and a little bit nervous, about how to bring it up.. or even just tell him about it.
Has anyone ever had any experience in this area? I know it's not a huge deal and he'll probably just be like 'whatever' about it.. but, I'm still a little nervous. I guess I'd just like some reassurance, and perhaps some advice, or a story from someone that has gone through something similar before.

Please share your thoughts! Any and all of you!


  1. Hi Amy,

    This is Viv over at The Disciplined Feminist.

    I expect by now you've had your first counseling appointment, so this may come a bit late, but I have indeed been in your situation.

    Unfortunately, the truth is what you probably don't want to hear -- the vast majority of counselors will not understand why and how your need for DD is a healthy way of healing yourself and will probably not react that way you want them to.

    Remember that a counseling relationship doesn't mean you need to walk in and automatically bare your innermost secrets. You have a right to withhold information until or if you feel comfortable -- you are the paying client, remember!

    I have made the mistake of thinking that I was somehow obligated to share anything and everything with a counselor too early -- and wound up getting deeply re-wounded.

    Like any other relationship, a counselor should earn your trust. He or she is not entitled to it just because they have a certificate on their wall!

    So I'd go easy and hold back things you aren't comfortable with until you know it's a good fit.

    I hope this helps -- I offer it only because you specifically asked for some advice!


  2. Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it!!