So.. the issue hasn't really been addressed. I apologized, though.

It isn't really the time to address it. I mean, he might still.. as soon as I'm done with this I'm going to join him in bed, so I'm not completely sure.

I just know that today is a sad day, and tomorrow will be even more sad. A lot of our friends are leaving tomorrow. I'm actually driving one of them and his wife to the drop off, because she said she's not going to be able to drive home.

I've been really emotional about it all day. Scott said that people will be lost during this tour. It's inevitable. He said he's pretty sure he'll lose some buddies of his, and it just breaks my heart.

As I prepare myself for the day he leaves, I can't help but feel like tomorrow is the day he's leaving. All of these men represent him, and all of the wives represent me. Their pain is stabbing at my heart and it's just breaking.

I feel like most people I know don't understand. And I guess they don't. If I were in their shoes I wouldn't understand, either. It's just one of those things that you have to experience to feel it.

I haven't fully experienced it, but I'm hurting. Please keep the troops in your mind, heart, and prayers. The war in Afghanistan is called 'the forgotten war'. Everyone focuses on Iraq, and that's not where it's all at.

At all.

Our men are fighting for the freedom of innocent people they don't even know. People who don't even share the same country as them. Some people (I used to be one of them) say 'who cares about those people!?'

Well.. we do. They do. I do. Our military does.

It's like people who immunize and feed starving kids in foreign countries. It's the same thing.

But it's more than that. It takes an army, a military, to fight this. To save these people, it takes death. It takes fighting. It takes battle.

But we're doing it.

Please appreciate the soldiers who put their lives on the line everyday. Just like fire fighters, police men, and missionaries who go to third world countries to help the weak.

They really are heroes.

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