We went to the Colorado Renaissance festival yesterday in Larkspur. It was fun, but boy am I sore from it today!

SO much uphill walking, haha. I'm such a bum.

Sadly, Scott forgot the camera in the car.. and neither of us realized it until we were at the gate.. which was about a 20 minute walk from where we parked.

Needless to say, we didn't get any pictures. =(

And last night held no special things to it, either. I was so tired I went to bed before it was even 8:30!

But I did manage to 'get' Scott, and buy him a present behind his back.. store it at a friends house, and they specially delivered it the night before Father's day.. at about 11:30 at night!

He was sleeping, but got up to use the bathroom when they dropped it off. As soon as he came out of the bathroom I said,
'Baby!! I think someone just knocked on the door!'

He was like, 'WHAT?! At this time? Go answer it!'

I played innocent and scared and said, 'Nooo.. you do it!' and threw his pants at him.

He asked me if I thought it was the boogie man or something, and I couldn't come up with anything good... so I said, 'Maybe it's the cable guy coming to shut off our cable!'

Haha. He thought I was retarded, until he opened the door and saw his Father's day bag sitting on the front porch. He didn't have his glasses on, and he's not good with love and cheese... so he said 'someone left their garbage on our porch!'


I got him a big box of candy bars, and a big talking card. He liked it a lot, and I think it made him feel really special.

I love him a lot, and he's the best dad EVER. I wish I could've done more for him, but I think he really enjoyed the little things that I did do.


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