Soo.... here goes.

Today I was just feeling sort of.. I dunno, icky. There were all sorts of factors that threw me off a bit, and they all worked together to earn me a spanking.

It's been like two weeks at least since I've had my last spanking and, for some reason, when I go a length of time (as small as it may be) without, my bottom becomes more and more sensitive. I was crying after like five seconds.

I love spanking and I love being spanked, but there's a HUGE difference for me when it's punishment or discipline, and a lot of emotions come out. With Scott, I've grown so attached to him that when I disappoint him, or give him reasons to have to discipline me.. it hurts me inside.

It's sort of weird how that all works.

But I'm really loving it, a lot. The loving really outshines the actual discipline at this point in our journey, and it's really great.

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