I had to take my little shmee to get shots today. He got four.

I seriously don't know HOW mom's walk out of there without tears rolling down their faces. It hurts me ten thousand times worse than him, and it breaks my heart into thousands of little tiny peices. Maybe I just suck at this motherhood shit, but sucking it up and just dealing with it is not an option.

I felt like punching the doctor in the face for JABBING him with the needle.. they pinch the skin and just JAB.

They are WAAAYY nicer to adults.

It's a total injustice to babies everywhere.

And to the mom's who have to sit and watch.


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  1. Believe it or not, though my babies are now teens and adults, I saw when they were first given shots, the nurses would basically shoot them as if they were a target for the nurses dart! I asked about it and they said they found it hurts less. I said, yeah, and which baby under 9 months told you that? I insisted from that time one what I prefer: I want the nurse/doctor to put the needle on my skin, then push down gently but firmly. The nurse was NOT happy. I didn't care, no one loves my baby more than me and I CAN talk and I DO know it hurts more to be used as a dart board! Just the demeanor of the nurse is more quieting. Almost ALL my kids do not cry or flinch from needles, though they do hate the sting of the medicine inside it. Tell them what you want, they work FOR YOU. Hugs, Cleo