One thing;

I knew this woman who completely exploited me, with total disregard of everything it could lead to.
I knew her for a long time, and during all my crucial stages in my teen aged years.

We were close, and told each other all of our deep, dark secrets.

She was always pegged on being right. No matter what, she could make ANYBODY run with their tail between their legs as she spat out useless information in a way that made her seem intelligent.

She had no confidence and was completely shocked when people reacted the way they did... but it gave her a rush, so she did it ALL the time.

Well... one day it came down to me.

Little.... old... me.

I wasn't afraid of her, so I shot back. All she came at me with were poisoned daggers that she shot at me with her tongue.

I never really insulted her, and that bothered her. I kept my cool, and she eventually got so mad because she felt.. 'defeated', that she exploited me.

The next step down from insults is secret telling.

You know what the funny thing is?

The one thing that bothers me more than any other thing that's happened between her and I..

The one thing that I left the relationship still feeling embarrassed about..

Is the fact that I got drunk with her.. and gave her an example of the way Scott and I do our lovey dovey talk...


It's so embarrassing.

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