Picture post.

The view from our front porch.

Walter playing outside.

The ride up here.. Charley decided he was lonely and wanted to share Walter's car seat with him.

Scott... at the gas station we got stuck at because it was snowing so bad.

One of the stops we made to sleep.. but instead.. we fucked.

He was freezing. Haha.

A stop to stretch and eat.

Mesquite.. we're both sort of retarded..

Walter at our very first stop.


  1. Nice pics! Between your post and mine today, maybe we're starting a "Photo Wednesday" trend in Bloggerdom, lol.

    You know that feeling you get sometimes when you eat a piece of cake with tons of rich frosting? How it tickles the back of your throat because it's so sweet.

    That's what it's like looking at pics of Walter, lol. He is sooooooo sweet he nearly tickles the throat. You should call him frosting boy, lol. He is adorable. Something tells me you'll be like I am with my son and end up taking thousands of pics of him. Enjoy every second of it. The time goes much too fast.

  2. this almost makes me cry!! :( I miss you guys a LOT.