We blog.

We blog because we have a story to tell.

A lot of people are out in the world depressed. A lot of people are wounded, and hurt. They stay that way with no ray of hope.

We are different.

We blog because we have a story.

We blog because we know the outcome will be bright, and beautiful.

We know it will be worth telling, and sharing.

We have a ray of hope.


  1. This is a GREAT reason to blog, Naomi! The very best of all possible reasons, and your blog is refreshing in so many ways! It's like breathing in a blast of fresh, cold, mountain air!


  2. I'm really glad you agree. I feel like even those who don't share their tragedies and turmoils through blogging, they still have a story.. they still have worries, and anxieties..

    and blogging seems to be, for everyone, just a way of documenting a story they know will stick with them forever.. and is worth saving.

    Thanks a lot of the comment. I love your blog a lot, too.


  3. You are so right. We all have a story.....and it feels so good to share them. Community.

  4. And then there are those of us who blog because nobody is crazy enough to associate with us in real life. :)