I was home alone and I heard the door bell ring. Since I was at the far end of the house, it took me a minute to get there. I was wondering who it could be, and then it rang again. And again. And again!

I looked out the window... I didn't see any cars I recognized. I looked to my right and there was a tall white man standing outside my door. It wasn't Patrick (my step brother), and it definitely wasn't Charley (my step dad). It wasn't my crazy uncle who thinks he's going to kill my mom.

No... it was Scott!

I couldn't believe it! He FINALLY got me! I opened the door really quick and told him he was an asshole.

He told me he wasn't going to be leaving until Sunday morning, and that he would be here Sunday night-ish.

I was wearing practically nothing. I had on a really ridiculously short strapless dress with no bra, no panties.. nothing. So I was basically wearing a piece of cloth... and his basic training graduation ring.

We hugged... we kissed.... then Walter came walking around the corner. Scott greeted him and they played for a while, but it was nap time.

We all know what happens when it's nap time.

He pushed me into the room and bent me over the bed. He smoothed my dress so that it was barely covering my ass, and then he smacked it. He smacked it again, and again... and again. Hard.

"Did you have fun being bad while I was gone?" He asked.

"Yes.." I replied.

Then another smack. He spanked me for a while.. and then my dress came up. He started busting out implements. I didn't even know what he was using.. they were just random and painful, but good.

Then he grabbed my little vibrating egg with the cord and the attachment.

He stuck it inside of me, followed by his cock. He turned the vibrations on really high and fucked the absolute shit out of me.

It was... amazing.

Of course there was LOTS more sex, more spanking.

And then.. we cried.

Last night while we were laying in bed together.. we started talking. We talked about him leaving to Afghanistan. I asked him if he honestly thought he would come back, he said yes. I asked him what his chances were, and he told me. The whole time he talked I cried... and he cried, too.

We sat there holding each other.. crying. I told him as much as it sucked, we needed to talk about what his wishes would be if he were to die over there.

He told me he'd want to be buried wherever I live... so that he could be close to me.

After I told him the things I would tell and show Walter, and promised him that he would not grow up knowing another man as daddy... we relaxed.

After the mood was settled back to normal, I started masturbating. It was an invite, but he obviously didn't get it... until I was done.

THEN he wanted to get in on the action. Well, sorry buddy, the action was long gone.

I told him the only way we could fuck is if he let me spank him.


It must be that day where pigs fly, because I spanked Scott. Haha.

He told me I was stupid. He said "You like that shit? You're fucking stupid. I don't know how you like that shit. What is wrong with you?"

All these antagonizing words while I was spanking him. It was great.


Anyways.. that's all for now.

I think I'm going to go ride him in his sleep.

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