One of my friend's here let me borrow her lap top, so here I am.. blogging!

I have really nothing to say. My mom came down, with her husband, and I held my ground and didn't allow him in my home. Why should I? The last words the man said to me were hateful, and mean, and really hurt my feelings. It's not as much WHAT he said, it's just the fact that he said them and the nature that he said them in. I feel like I gave him my heart, and he just threw it on the ground.

I'm no longer a child and I no longer have to deal with that kind of hurt from my mom's love interests. She's decided to marry him, stay with him, and hope that he changes.. that's on her, and good FOR her.. but I personally don't have to live with him everyday, and I have no reason to ever have to see him.


Walter had a Dr. appointment and the doctor said he was looking good, and I was doing everything I was supposed to do. That felt good because I was actually worried about being accused of abusing him, because he bruises so easily and SO much. I mean his legs are COVERED in bruises, and I have NO idea where they come from. The idea that a hospital or a doctor can basically take your child away and question whether or not you deserve them back really bothers me, and makes me super paranoid. I love my son and would NEVER want to be put in that situation, but he's a toddler.. and he's a boy, he falls down and gets bumps and bruises. I guess doctors understand that, though. Thank God.

I think Scott is actually home from hunting. I'll post more later.


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